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NEWS: Galleria Drive expansion final stages to open

TRAFFIC: Nearly $13 million project will connect Lake Las Vegas to downtown

iH file photo

iH file photo

– Mayor Andy Hafen and Councilwoman Gerri Schroder will officially open the final stretch of roadway along Galleria Drive from Boulder Highway to Lake Las Vegas, Oct. 16. The project connects Downtown Henderson to Lake Las Vegas.

“Completion of this roadway will make travel much easier for drivers and bicyclists alike,” said Mayor Hafen.

“I am proud how government agencies and private companies came together to help ensure this important project would be completed.”

The $12.9 million project was a public-private partnership among the City of Henderson, Lake Las Vegas and The LandWell Company.

Lake Las Vegas provided $5.5 million in Local Improvement District funding and dedicated rights-of-way for the project. The LandWell Company provided $1.1 million in funding and also dedicated right-of-way. The Regional Transportation Commission provided $3.7 million, including $1 million in Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) funding.

Through FRI, revenue is generated every time a motorist fuels their vehicle, and a portion of what they pay at the pump helps to create jobs by funding transportation and public safety projects throughout Clark County. Funds help keep pace with material and labor costs, raising $700 million, funding 199 projects and creating 9,000 jobs.

Galleria Drive construction passed through the environmentally sensitive Clark County Wetlands Park, which required extensive partnering and coordination with lead agencies including the Southern Nevada Water Authority, Clark County and the U. S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation.

The project included the construction of paved and natural trail connections to the Clark County Wetlands Park trailhead and Henderson’s Terrazza Park. There was also reconstruction work and an extension of the Clark County Wetlands Trail along the Las Vegas Wash. | iH


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