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Professional foodie Christie Vanover traveled the world as an Army wife. She’s dined in more than 25 countries and attended culinary classes abroad.  The author of, and brings the world’s cuisine home to Inside Henderson.


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Pizza Rock, Green Valley Ranch, Station Casinos, Inside Dining, Christie Vanover, Inside Henderson

Pizza Rock: World’s Best Pizza?


Sheffield Spice and Tea, Chrisite Vanover, Inside Dining, Inside Henderson

Sheffield Spice & Tea Co.


Oil and Vine


Oil and Vine, Christie Vanover, Zestuous, recipes, Inside Dining

Grilled Garlic-Pear Pork Loin Salad


346 Patisserie, Inside Dining, Inside Henderson, Christie Vanover, Zestuous

346 Patisserie


New District Eateries: Whist Stove & Spirits and Due & Proper


Hash House A Go Go Opening in Henderson


Sticks & Shakes serves European desserts at Galleria


holiday gifts, treat boxes, food gifts, Smart and Final, Zestuous, Christie Vanover, Inside Henderson

Smart Holiday Gifting Tips with Recipe


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Thanksgiving: Consider it Grilling Season!






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