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Professional hairstylist, makeup artist, and fashion consultant Cat Eye Kate offers real-life health and beauty solutions to Inside Henderson readers.


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Your Workout Routine: WHY?


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Last-Minute Gifting 2015


2015 Makeup All-Stars


SCARE TACTICS: Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas


Hair Potential


Back to School 2015


Autumn Reigns: Fashion for Fall 2015


Getting Beach Waves in the Desert


Solar Flair


SPRING Style Spruce-up




Fitness: Take the Step!


Finding Your Perfect Hairstyle


Kisses for Kycie


The Printed Word: Our Big Debut!


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Winter Style 2015




Happy Holidays 2014


Cat Eye Kate Featured on Blog ‘Ashley & Amber’


Gifts That Stick


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Breaking Blahs


Sephora products . copyright Cat Eye Kate

Sephora: Gearing Up for Gifting


Boho Vibe!


Favorite Things: Crown Braids


Splurge vs Save: Halloween Costumes


Favorite Things: Cloudy Between – Winter Tween Fashions


‘Sfall’ Trends for Fall Style in the Desert


Halloween Skeleton makeup tutorial


Tutorials for Third-Day Hair


Fall Style: Layering for an Effortless Silhouette


Favorite Things: The Three-Dollar T-Shirt


Favorite Things for Men: Surprisingly Affordable Custom Suits


Style for Men: Men’s Accessories


Style for Men: Men’s Fashion 101


Kate gets social: Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook


Fashion Forward Frames




Feeling Beauty


Summer Hair


Favorite Things: Bio-oil


Favorite Things: Tiered Ponytail

Favorite Things: Tiered Ponytail


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Focus on Fitness at Dethrone BaseCamp


swim icon

Favorite Things: Vintage-Inspired Swimwear!


cat eye kate jeans splurge

Splurge vs Save: Denim and Accessories


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Favorite Things: This Hat!


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Spring Lace


Splurge vs Save: Foundation and Mascara

Splurge vs Save: Foundation and Mascara


Splurge vs Save: Styling Products

Splurge vs Save: Styling Products


Kate's Closet MVPs

Kate’s Closet MVPs


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Exclusive Cat Eye Kate Discount




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